Sustainable Reuse

CICADA converted two floors of bunker-like book stacks of the former Garey Hall Villanova Law Library into a spacious new headquarters for the campus Public Safety operation. The public safety department had been headquartered in a 100-year-old building on campus which proved to be insufficient after Villanova transitioned about 19 Public Safety officers into a Campus Police force in 2016. The old Garey Hall had very low ceilings, tight spaces and lack of light which led to a confined and dreary environment. To facilitate the renovations the interior core rectangle of floor space of Garey Hall was stripped out to create a new “atrium” of space with a higher ceiling for the most active operations. A new entrance from the lower level welcomes staff and students into a light-filled lobby, waiting and reception area. The opened-up core also hosts the Parking Office, Lost and Found, Communications with its electronic equipment, and a large Roll Call and Multipurpose Room with audiovisual technology. New walls that define service areas rise only halfway up to the higher ceiling to let light stream in from exterior windows.

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