Each project team is unique, including a partner of the firm who becomes immersed in the project, typically a representative of the client who does the same, and a supporting cast of architects, engineering and specialty consultants, client and user groups and representatives and, ultimately, contractors and subcontractors. Inclusive working sessions and planning charettes are tools we commonly use to identify and balance project criteria. This inclusive process informs the participants of the basis for decisions at the outset of the project, minimizing the revisiting of early scope decisions late in the process. Key core staff are assigned to carry each project from inception through completion, supplemented as needed by additional staff. 






Mary Holland AIA, LEED® AP BD&C Principal, President

Kurt Raymond AIA, LEED® AP      Principal, Treasurer/Secretary

Daryn Edwards AIA, LEED® AP Director of Design

Monroe Buckner RA          Senior Project Manager

Geoff Klein AIA Project Manager

Linda To AIA, LEED® AP Project Architect

Tracy Siegle ASSOC. AIA Architectural Designer

Nana Biney ASSOC. AIA Architectural Designer

Dana Rice ASSOC. AIA Architectural Designer

Melissa Thomas           Operations and Marketing


Diana Nguyen           Architectural Designer

Henri Brooks           Architectural Designer

Hailey Starolis           Architectural Designer