CICADA Architecture/Planning, Inc. offers a full range of professional architectural services, including architecture, interior design, master planning, programming, feasibility studies, existing conditions assessments, and zoning evaluation & support. We provide our clients with comprehensive, interdisciplinary support to define and meet their project goals in creative, cost-effective ways.  The goals of the firm are clear:  1) to enhance our cultural heritage as represented by our built environment; 2) to design projects that are responsive to the immediate needs of our clients, 3) to design durable buildings which are flexible enough to respond to inevitably changing needs and users over time; 4) to use environmentally responsible materials, systems, and concepts; and 5) to develop built environments which are economically responsible in both the short and long term.

Excellent processes yield excellent outcomes. The creative, technical, and market expertise that CICADA brings to the design process is supplemented by our inclusive, collaborative approach. The evidence of our success is clear in the quality of our built work and in the loyalty of our clients.