The founding partners formed CICADA Architecture/Planning, Inc. in 1995 to offer institutional, educational, arts, and community development clients cost-effective projects, conscientious service, and sophisticated design. Integral to our philosophy is a strong commitment to the creation of gracious, sustainable human communities. Nearly 20 years later, the firm’s projects encompass the range of facilities needed to support a vibrant community: educational facilities, municipal and community facilities, housing and mixed-use development, arts and cultural facilities, and commercial spaces and restaurants.

Design Philosophy

The design images of our projects arise from the surrounding physical and cultural context, including man-made and natural determinants. Design decisions are deeper than image, encompassing philosophy, functionality, flexibility, and economy. We strive to achieve a clear, efficient, easily comprehensible spatial composition. We attach great importance to the realization of elegant proportions and compositions. We strive to create clear connections between indoor and outdoor spaces. Our goal is to create comfortable, well-designed environments that are sensitive to context and to the needs of the users, and are well-crafted, durable, and adaptable to changing needs. We aim to create an everyday beauty that reveals itself more and more fully over time.

Sustainable Objectives

Environmental and social sustainability are integral to our practice of architecture and planning. We understand that buildings do not stand alone. They are components of larger physical and social systems, and so we practice an integrated design approach. That approach places great value on achieving both stakeholder involvement and the integration of resource efficiency in the design process, and, ultimately, achieving efficiency in the operation of the building within its context.

CICADA Architecture/Planning, Inc. is certified as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise.


CICADA Architecture/Planning, Inc. offers a full range of professional architectural services, including architecture, interior design, master planning, programming, feasibility studies, existing conditions assessments, and zoning evaluation & support. We provide our clients with comprehensive, interdisciplinary support to define and meet their project goals in creative, cost-effective ways.  The goals of the firm are clear:  1) to enhance our cultural heritage as represented by our built environment; 2) to design projects that are responsive to the immediate needs of our clients, 3) to design durable buildings which are flexible enough to respond to inevitably changing needs and users over time; 4) to use environmentally responsible materials, systems, and concepts; and 5) to develop built environments which are economically responsible in both the short and long term.

Excellent processes yield excellent outcomes. The creative, technical, and market expertise that CICADA brings to the design process is supplemented by our inclusive, collaborative approach. The evidence of our success is clear in the quality of our built work and in the loyalty of our clients.